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Recently, I hauled quite a number of Rainbow Honey polishes during a sale after seeing such pretty photos via the various nail bloggers.


Sweet Talk was one of the colours that caught my eye. The colours reminded me of Candy Canes and Mints with its pink shimmer and 2 sizes of pinks, purple and mint hexagon glitter pieces. The pink shimmer is not apparent from afar and only under close scrutiny do you spot the shimmer. It took me 3 to 4 thin coats to achieve full opacity.

The colour is just so cute and sweet and somehow reminds me of a mesh of 2 of the original Little Ponies – Glory and Star Shine. Yes, I am a fan of My Little Ponies (love the old school MLPs!).

Rainbow Honey does have a collection based off My Little Pony (which I hauled quite a number polishes from, along with Sweet Talk) and personally I feel that Sweet Talk fits right in that collection (even though it’s part of the Valentine’s day Sweet Talk collection)!


The packaging is adorable as well, with a heart shaped window to see what polish is inside. On top of each box, there is a sticker with the polish name and colour photo swatch of the polish so you know what’s in the box when you store it upright! Lovely attention to detail *likes!*


Whites in general are notoriously hard to apply, Sweet Talk is not an exception. The polish I got was rather thick, gloopy and finicky. However it’s nothing a little polish thinner can’t fix. Please note that if you are going to thin polish, never, ever, ever use nail polish remover as the remover kills the polish. Use a proper polish thinner 🙂 I learned this the hard way *haha*

2013-10OCt-20Oct-RainbowHoneySweetTalk02Despite the formula, I loved the colour enough to wear it another time a few weeks down the road.

This time, I decided to jazz the mani up with some nail stickers I bought by mistake, thinking they were water decals. Worst decision ever! The mani looked great from 1 metre away. Any nearer and you can see that it was an OMG-mistake. The stickers were just inflexible and unyielding, refusing to adhere to my nails. No matter how much topcoat I loaded on, the stickers refused to stick and the edges kept popping up.  It took me half an hour before I admitted defeat though. *headdesk* Needless to say, I took it off 5 mins after taking the photos below. And those nail stickers are now righhhhtttt at the very back of my nail drawer. Oh well.

2013-10OCt-20Oct-RainbowHoneySweetTalkSticker01 2013-10OCt-20Oct-RainbowHoneySweetTalkSticker02I think I am going to next try Sweet Talk paired with XOXO, which I bought during the same haul, some time down the road.

That’s all for now 🙂