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A while back, a colleague recommended these Korean nail wraps. And ooohhh boy, they are One.Of.The.Best.Nail.Wraps.Ever imho! The Koreans have really been releasing a lot of great nail stuff recently!


I bought a total of 7 nail wraps and have been slowwwwllly using them as they are precious, since the e-retailers selling these have all been slowly raising their prices. I bought them online for SGD$4.90. They now cost SGD$5.60 onwards. They can also be found in some Watsons (I saw some of these in City Square & Toa Payoh’s Watsons a while back for SGD$7.90 if I remember right). While the increase might not seem like much per pack, the difference mounts up to quite a bit when you buy as many as I do 🙂

These nail wraps last for about 2 weeks on my nails, which is a miracle considering my polishes last a total of 2-3 days max in general as I usually mistreat my nails 😡 (You know, the washing dishes without gloves, picking at price tags with my nails and all.). No chipping, no smell and best of all, despite the strong adhesive, no nail damage on my brittle nails!

Today, I will be sharing with you Y.E.T’s In the Club which has the bonus of being Glow in the Dark *Squeals!* I love me some glow in the dark! 😛


Each pack comes 18 nail wraps of various sizes and a nail file. Some of them even large enough even for the toes if you are so inclined. I used 5 of the 18 wraps for both hands, as I have really small and short nails (the larger ones for the toes can be trimmed to be used twice. *lol*). The nail file is meh though and I used my own crystal file from Nail Tek.


The nail wraps are firm without being too hard and fitted well around my slightly curved nails. They seemed to adhere well to my colleague’s more curved nails as well. The glow was really obvious. Unfortunately my camera refused to capture how glow in the dark they were, so I just ploinked in a photo from the Official Y.E.T website to show how glow in the dark they are. The photo from the Y.E.T website is true to what I had (yes the glow was that bright!).

When I am up in Korea next week, I think I am going to hunt down more of these wonderful nail wraps!

That’s all for now.