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Today, I will be showcasing Deborah Lipmann’s Ray of Light, named after a Madonna song, which I had the absolute luck to win on Luxola’s Facbook page the other day. I usually have dreadful luck when it comes to contests or lucky draws so I was really surprised to have won something 😛 Shaleniie from Luxola was a total doll and ensured that the polish reached my hands even though I was unable to pick it up personally due to work.


I discovered Luxola 2 odd years back when they first started, and to date they are one of my fav online retailers. Mainly for the range of hard to find brands and the superb service they render (back then I was still working in one of the national universities, where the navigation is horrendous and appalling. It’s a wonder any of my makeup and polishes ever found their way to the department’s letterbox. *haha*).

I have yet to find an online retailer who personally calls be before the package arrives, calls me again if they are lost [I am more than happy to help since the university is an absolute rabbit warren] and calls if they are going to be late. I appreciate it loads as I have had some crappy postal/courier service come my way in the past.

Deborah Lipmann’s polishes made quite a splash in the US blog scene when they first appeared. Across the Universe, Happy Birthday and Glitter in the Air made me drool so. However I was unable to get them, nor did the price tag justify shipping them from the US as I would have to use a 3rd party courier, with the risk of getting the polish destroyed.


A friend spotted Ray of Light in an upscale nail store in Hong Kong a while back and in person the polish made us both go Ooo and Ahhhh. We loved the flakies that shifted from gold, to to red to green .

2013-10OCt-06Oct-Deborah-LipmannRayofLightBottle2 2013-10OCt-06Oct-Deborah-LipmannRayofLightBottle3

Despite the polish having a dark blurple base, the flakies showed up beautifully on the nail. The while 2 thin coats was sufficient cover the nail, 3 thin coats fully shows the depth of the polish. The flakies are smooth and lie flat on the nail.


I wanted to jazz the nail up a little and decided to tack on a golden cat water decal (can I say again how much I love water decals? Instant nail art!) since Halloween is just round the corner. The cats popped on the dark background. *loves*


I’m pretty much a fan of flakies (and halos!) and have quite a number in my stash. The closet in comparison from my stash is Nfu Oh’s 52, a green-blue flakie in a blue base and Cult Nails’ Clairvoyant (which I have swatched before), a multi-coloured flakie in a purple base. All 3 are very much different though. The closest I have got to Ray of Light is Nubar 2010 over Opi’s Ink which I will be showcasing another time 🙂


That’s all for now.

😀 Toodles!~