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Today, I have with me polishes from 2 of my favourite brands – a England (yes, again! 🙂 I love love love the brand!) & Nerd Lacquer.

I have always loved the formula of a England’s polishes. Adina creates buttery, pigmented and self leveling polishes that are usually single coaters. Great for people who are not that great at creme polish application (like me!). And best of all, they don’t stain my nails! 🙂

Below is a single coat of Elaine on my nails. Elaine is a dark purple single coater polish from the Mythicals collection and is described on the a England website as “Smoky violet amethyst”. Indeed it is!


I decided to jazz Elaine up a little with a layer of Nerd Lacquer’s Pinin’ For The Fjords, which is a sheer pastel purple polish with large and small silver hexagonal glitters, large and small blue hexagonal glitter, small purple glitter pieces as well as chunky silver shimmer.


Pinin’ For The Fjords gave Elaine a rather outer-spacy kind of look. I suspect that on black, it would be more galaxy like.
Unfortunately I didn’t think of trying it over black till I wrote this blog post.

And here’s a bottle shot of Pinin’ For The Fjords, just because it’s just so pretty in the bottle as well!


You can get a England from the a England website if you are in the UK: http://a-england.co.uk. Adina also has a list of international distributors if you are located outside of the UK as unfortunately Royal Mail has stopped allowing polish to be shipped outside of England (which is another story for another time. Thank you for the fantastic, fantastic customer service back then Adina!)

Nerd Lacquer can be bought from the Nerd Lacquer website here: http://www.nerdlacquer.com .

That’s all for now 🙂