This is my absolute favorite moisturizer of all time. *hearts*. My Holy Grail of Moisturizers, if you will 😛

I read about this on another local blog some time back and I was totally sold by the packaging (Yes, I am a super sucker for pretty packaging :)). The first time I tried it IRL, I was hooked as it was such a lightweight and super absorbent moisturizer.

I use it mainly for my cuticles and sometimes if I have dry patches of skin. A little goes a long way and it’s bye bye dry patch.


Steam Cream is Japanese in origin.

STEAMCREAM pioneered the use of a steam technique to create this unique, gentle and loosely-bound emulsion. This looseness allows each ingredient – including a moisturising and soothing oatmeal infusion, orange flower water and healing lavender oil – to breakdown and penetrate areas of the skin that other creams find hard to reach.

The Good: It absorbs super duper fast. Half the time of that of the Body Shop’s Body Butter and Bert’s Bee’s Cuticle cream. I love, love, love the light texture and that it’s super moisturizing despite said light texture. A 5 out of 5 from me! Bonus is that the tins are super duper adorable (yes, to date I have more than a dozen empty tins lying around which I use to keep thumb drives, clips and pins)!

The Bad: It costs and arm and a leg at SGD$25.90 (If i remember right) for 75g tin. The tin’s the same size as the Body Shop’s mini Body Butter featured above. I finish a tin a month 😦 I also dislike the scent of lavender, but it works so well, I tend to ignore the lavender smell.


That’s all for now 🙂



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