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It’s been some time since I last posted and I blame it on that fact I have been real busy and that I am dead beat at the end of the day. So much so I rarely have the energy to polish *gasp!* Tis blasphemy :p

Edit: I replaced the previous not very pretty and un-processed photo with the below đŸ™‚


a England still remains one of my favorite bands of polish and I take the chance to wear the colours whenever I can. The colours are mostly one coaters.

The middle and pinkie fingers are polished with a England’s Perceval, a lovely metallic red. I topped Perceval with ESTESSiMO TiNS’ #004 The Universe, which is a holographic silver hex glitter polish with a clear base.

On the pointer and ring fingers are a England’s Merlin. The ring finger is topped with a rose water decal. I really, really love water decals despite the few false starts and ruined decals on the out set. They are effortless nail art.

That’s all for now. Polishing took up the last bits of my strength for the day. If I were a game, my health points would be negative :p