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To me, China Glaze’s 2012 Spring Prismatic collection has been rather low key. Perhaps its been overshadowed by the upcoming highly anticipated Hunger Games collection. Then again it feels like an “in between” – between Christmas and the Hunger Games collection – collection. All the more the pity as the Prismatic collection is really quite pretty (but then again, I am known to love bling, the more the glitter, the more I love the polish :P).

The Prismatic collection consists of 6 very pretty colours. However, I only bought 3 of them, which I will show over the weeks. Sadly my wallet made quite a bit of noise as over the past 2 weeks I had 3 huge hauls resulting in 23 polishes.

The first I have to show from this lovely collection is Full Spectrum.

China Glaze Full Spectrum (Bottle)

Full Spectrum has a dominant fine silver glitter base, a scattering of micro multicolored glitter, with strong pink-purple shimmer thrown into the mix. It also has medium sized circular blue, gold, yellow, green, pink, silver, purple and orange glitters in a very slightly blue tinted base. That’s a lot of different coloured glitter in a single polish!

In the shade during the day, Full Spectrum looks pale pink with multicoloured specs (pictured below).

China Glaze Full Spectrum

Some bloggers have been mentioning that the Prismatic collection has been a let down, as the duo-chrome that was apparent in their bottles did not translate well on their nails. I think the reverse was true for me! My bottle showed no trace of any duo-chrome, but under strong white halogen lights or sunlight, the real magic happens.

Full Spectrum looked silver and flashed pink-purple amidst the small multicoloured glitter. It was Love, Love, Love for me! I spent an entire train ride staring at my nails, tilting it left to right, front to back just to see the flashes :). You can see a tiiinnnyy bit of that effect here. It’s a lot more apparent in real life.

China Glaze Full Spectrum Duochrome Effect

China Glaze Full Spectrum (side

I really love how Full Spectrum looks really different, under different lighting. Sometimes it looks pale pink, sometimes a little purplish-ing pink, sometimes silver with pinkish purple flashes, sometimes just lavander.

It takes 2 to 3 coats of Full Spectrum to reach full opacity –  2 if you’re not too particular about a tinsy bit of VNL (visible nail line), or 3 for complete coverage. The formula was a breeze to apply as it was of medium consistency – neither too thick and gloopy, nor too watery that the glitter doesn’t get picked up. The the medium sized glitter behaved itself, spacing out evenly, and most of all, stayed put.

Full Spectrum has a quick dry time, and dries gritty, as do most glitter polishes. But nothing a coat or two of Seche Vite wasn’t able to fix.

China Glaze Full Spectrum

Base Coat – 2 coats of OPI’s Nail Envy
Base Colour – 3 Coats of China Glaze’s Full Spectrum
Topcoats – 2 coat of Seche Vite