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Over the weekend I was a little sick and didn’t want polish fumes to further clog up my nose (not that I could really breathe in the fumes the way my nose was clogged! haha). So I thought it would be a good time to break out my precious stash of Incoco nail strips which I bought way back in October from the Incoco Website – www.incoco.com.

Incoco Pretty Please

Incoco Nail strips are 100% nail polish in 3 layers – basecoat, nail colour and topcoat. Each pack comes with 2 strips of 8 pieces of double ended polish tabs, an instructions sheet, 2 polish removal clothes, a silver foil seal (for sealing up the left over un-used strips which would otherwise dry up), an orange stick and a nail file. Incoco also incorporated 2 pieces of french manicure strips for practicing (or if you really wanted, you could use the white tip as a funky french to your manicure). This is what comes in each Incoco Nail Strip pack:

The Incoco strips are really easy to use. Even for a nail foil/strip newbie like myself. It’s just peel, stick, rip, that simple. Instructions can be found here: http://www.incoco.com/LearnHowto.aspx. For those who prefer “Live”demonstrations, I linked 2 Youtube videos, which I found useful for the application of the strips, at the end of this post.

I did this manicure with the air conditioner turned on and there was absolutely no smell of polish (at least not any that I was able to detect :P). *Likes* This means that you can change your nail colour anywhere, anytime, without irritating anyone.

The colour I have one is “Pretty Please”, a black base with a pearly peach pink toned floral decorations. The colour is really very pretty and so far I have had it on for 3 days with no chips and minimal tip wear. Other bloggers have mentioned a wear time from 2 days to 2 weeks. I ended up being really, really, really frugal and using 4 out of the 8 tabs from my first strip. The rest I sealed to be used for a later (lazy) date.

Incoco Pretty Please Close Up

The main gripe I had with my strip was that on some of the strips (you can see this on the middle and the ring fingers), the black polish that is the background colour has really really thin smudge lines. I suspect the thin lines are drags from the floral decorations. My other Incoco strips (to my memory) do not have this imperfection.

I bought the strips during the Black Friday sales. Shipping within the US is free for purchases above USD$50 throughout the year. Pretty Please was originally USD$8.99 (excluding third party shipping) .  The rest of my colours were on various discounts ranging from 15% to 30%. The Christmas colours then were not on sale.

As Incoco does not ship direct to Singapore, I managed to convince most of my colleagues and friends interested in nail polish to buy some to share (well, lessen) my third party shipping cost :P. This was the haul with 1/3 of the haul belonging to shopaholic me (-.-)” :

Incoco Haul

Just for your viewing pleasure, a close up of Pretty Please:

Incoco Pretty Please Super Close Up

These are two Youtube videos which I found really useful in helping with my Incoco application:

Chicachew’s Youtube Howto – Incoco Nail Appliqués Haul & Tutorial

LePooke’s Youtube Howto – How To: Apply Incoco – Easy French Manicure