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Today I have a post on A-England’s Perceval, with Blaze’s Daring Red / Caviar Dreams layered on, which I wore over the Lunar New Year. It was a quick manicure while waiting for the cab to show up at our doorstep. Please do forgive me in advance for the shakey shots as they were taken in a hurry on my mobile phone’s camera (with people staring while I was trying to take a proper picture of my nails… and failed).

A-England, founded by Adina Bodana, is a relatively new brand that debuted early last year with lovely colours and most of the polishes apply like butter. The best thing? Most of the colours are also pigmented enough to be one coaters. The colour I have on below is Perceval, a red shimmer from last year’s The Mythicals collection. I don’t normally like red polishes, but this is a lovely colour. The polish is a rich, rich red, and the edges of the polishes are darkened wine in colour.

A-England's Perceval

On it’s own it looks lovely enough, but me, being me (I love bling! Yes I do :P) decided to jazz it up a little. I added a single layer of Blaze’s UV colour changing polish I got a while back. In the shade, Daring Red to Caviar Dreams is a red glitter in a clear base. Under the sun, the clear base darkens to a black. The red glitter remains as.. well.. red glitter. In the shade, the layered colours REALLY sparkle. Think China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps kinda bling.

Blaze's Daring Red to Caviar Dreams over A-England's Perceval (Shade)

In the sun, Daring Red to Caviar Dreams’ base darkens and it kinda looks like China Glazes Lubu Heels (or would, had I added more layers of Daring Red to Caviar Dreams). Now that I think about it, 2 polishes for the price of one 😛 The left was the nail left in the sun, the right, the nail I covered with my hands earlier while “sun-ing” the left nail for a comparison. The colour change was not that obvious. Again, I suspect, was because Daring Red to Caviar Dreams was only one thin coat.

Blaze's Daring Red to Caviar Dreams over A-England's Perceval (Sun & Shade)

Base Coat – 2 coats of OPI’s Nail Envy
Base Colour – 1 coat of A-England’s Perceval
Layering Colour – 1 coat of Blaze’s Daring Red to Caviar Dreams
Topcoats – 2 coats of Seche Vite

The photos turned out really crappy and doesn’t do the mani any justice at all this time round. I really should re-do this mani one of these days and retake the photos with better lighting and a better camera 😡 Meh.

But I guess this will have to do… for now.