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I’m really new to blogging, but I really do hope to get better at it in time. Haha.

A little about me and my polish obsession. I started collecting polishes around this time, a year ago after I saw pretty polishes in a fellow Singaporean’s blog.

Initial Polish Haul

The 6 polishes from the right were mine, as of Jan 2010

My first polish haul consisted of 6 OPI polishes (I fell in love with OPI’s Not like the Movies from the Katy Perry collection) which soon exploded to about 100 odd polishes within a year.

Polishes As Of Oct 2010

Polishes as of Oct 2010

I initially bought the OPIs for the pretty colours, but ended up learning how to paint my own nails. I wanted to be practical – after all there’s no point to having these lovely polishes collect dust. Okay, that is just my own justification for spending the money.

My initial polish painting attempts were pretty miserable, but I do hope I’d be able to improve on my polishing and photography (or lack there of :P) skills. I guess in a way this blog will be able to help me document the colours and combinations I have gone through.

Anyway I hope readers won’t be too critical of my non-skills and I hope to be able to share my take on these lovely polishes.